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Agathocles/Deche-Charge - Agatho Charge split 7"


Artist: Agathocles/Deche-Charge
Title: Agatho Charge
Format: 7"
Year: 2019
Label: Jerk Off Records
Genre: Grind / D-Beat / Fastcore / Noisecore
Country: Belgium / Canada

AG with 11 raw shredding tracks of extreme earkilling ultra-core in the vein of RAPT, BRIGADA DO ODIO, COCK ROACHS, LARM, PSYCHO SIN backed with vocals like SS DECONTROL "Get it away" era......All in 6 minutes......Be prepared for permanent eardamage. Deche-Charge deliver 356 songs of canadian gang bang noise core. Split Label with Jerk Off Records and Ratgirl Records. Limited to 400 copies. 200 on Black Vinyl. 100 on White Vinyl. 100 on Green Vinyl. Download card only available with colored vinyl.