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Insanity Alert - Moshemian Thrashody CD


In a world that can often feel too heavy, INSANITY ALERT are hell-bent on partying like there’s no tomorrow. Ski parties visit Austria for its powdered slopes, but when these adrenaline junkies banded together around Innsbruck in 2011, they had a much gnarlier type of shredding in mind. Their destructive appetite for ‘80s crossover thrash is only rivaled by an unquenchable thirst for ice-cold beer and good bud(s).
‘Moshemian Thrashody’ keeps the festivities going. INSANITY ALERT put their fast and frothy spin on four familiar classics, including Guns N’ Roses and Iron Maiden. One of them might surprise you, though. Lead single “Beerless Fiesta” parodies... George Michael? “I’m never going to drink again / Poor old lives has taken a beating” Heavy Kevy screams in snot-nosed agony, as if clutching the toilet. But INSANITY ALERT aren’t going into mosh retirement anytime soon. The title track straps Queen’s theatrics to a clown car full of hijinks. Don Melanzani chugs down blast beats. The gang chants are rowdier than a German beer hall. When special guest Hauwitzer drops by the party, his guitar solo pops off like a bottle of champagne.
After a decade-plus of hard partying, INSANITY ALERT still go anywhere the weed blows.

Listen: Bandcamp